WE DID IT!! Ubiquity achieved!!!

On April 14th we held our monthly Board of Directors and Membership meetings, which finished the busiest five week period in the Western Maryland Jaycees I have ever seen.

Just take a look at all we accomplished from our meeting on March 10th to April 14th:
• We conducted a hoagie sale fundraiser that netted twice as much as we expected it to.
• We held our first Individual Development event, Jaycee Idol, where our members sang their hearts out in public and everyone had a ton of fun.
• We held an officers’ work session where we discussed putting together Community Survey so we can learn what the community we strive to serve would like to see from its young professionals.
• Four committees were formed, we found chairs and co-chairs for the committees, the committees garnered their memberships and they held meetings.
• Our fundraising team put together the framework for a golf tournament fundraiser and dealt with a complicated and contentious situation with the Friday After Five Beer Truck events, a situation about which we will all be getting more information as it develops.
• The Membership Committee met and developed a list of initiatives that they intend to implement, like encourage current members to recruit new members and establish a mentoring program for new members.
• A strong contingent of our members participated in the Canal Clean-up Event on April 10th, where we helped clean unsightly trash from the C & O Canal and the Potomac River flood plain.
• Also on April 10th, members assisted at the Autism Speaks Walk event by helping with the cleanup and tear down of that event.
• Our Chapter Management Vice President Kelly Brown celebrated a birthday, and she was recognized in the newspaper for being promoted to Vice President at First People’s Community Credit Union.

Amazing . . . positively amazing. Thank you to everyone in the chapter for being a part of this wonderful and awesome organization. I’m very proud to say that I am a part of a group of people who can do all of that in such a short period of time.

That was just in the past five weeks . . . and we’re not finished yet. We will soon be working with the Special Olympics and looking ahead to the Beautiful Baby / Prettiest Pet Contest, the Frostburg Derby Day, Celebration of Young Professionals III and perhaps a 1st Annual Western Maryland Jaycees Golf Tournament. If all goes to plan not only will we continue to be ubiquitous, we will redefine the word.

Watching what is happening at other organizations in this community, and seeing some of it first hand, I can honestly say that the Western Maryland Jaycees is one of the, if not THE, hardest working, most productive, most focused and best run organization in the tri-state area. This is due to a PHENOMENAL group of officers and leaders and a membership that no money could buy.

On a sadder note, our Past President Brad Shaulis left the area and the Jaycees to pursue a terrific professional opportunity with his employer, Cintas. We held a going away event for Brad at Niner’s Canal Pub which was a lot of fun and we presented Brad with a plaque to represent how much we all have appreciated what he has done for the Western Maryland Jaycees and this community. While we’re all very happy for Brad that he has been given this unique opportunity to further his career, that positive emotion is overwhelmed by the negative emotion of knowing how much we will miss Brad, his leadership, his friendship, his ability to drink and his moppy hair. : )

Thank you all, again, for an amazing month. With your continued help and dedication we will not only achieve the goals we have already set for ourselves but we will raise the bar for organizations in this community.

Joe Harman — President

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