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Mission Statement:

The Western Maryland Jaycees is a volunteer organization of active citizens ages 21-40 that helps young people find their own power to improve the world, positively impact the lives of others, become part of a global network and find personal purpose.


Our members gain leadership experience and improve professional skills through community projects, individual training and local and international connections.


The Jaycee Way 


"Leadership Training through Community Involvement" is the Jaycee concept.


Through organizing a variety of projects, our members gain leadership skills. Most of our projects fall into four categories - Management Development, Community Development, and Individual Development/Membership Development. These areas reflect the balance between the member, chapter, and community that allows us to be effective in our work. Individual Development is about improving the individual skill level of the member; Management Development focuses on improving our leadership skills, operating our chapter, and promoting its goals; and Community Development is the end result of all of our efforts: to help others and improve Western Maryland.

Board Members
 - 2025

President: Trish Tichnell
Vice President: Jordan Tichnell
Secretary: Amanda Divelbiss
Treasurer: Zac Barton
Media Relations: Jordan Mace
Individual Development: Courtney McKay Jensen
Membership Development: Billie Jean Clark
Community Development: Nicole Cook Mackey
State Representative /  Immediate Past President: Keira Shilling

Did you know??


The Junior Chamber of Commerce is an International Organization that allows members to get involved not only locally, but the opportunity to grow and develop with other young professionals at a state, nation and international level.

To learn more about the Maryland Junior Chamber of Commerce:

National Opportunities:

International Opportunities:

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